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CAPITA MagnoliaIn the 60’s, as the feminist movement brought women’s rights to the forefront, scientists began to receive more funding for in-depth studies aimed at understanding women. However well-intentioned, most of the initial studies were clumsy and ill-conceived, reinforcing previous gender stereotypes instead of dispelling them.It wasn’t until world-renowned scientist Dr. Arumik initiated the Magnolia Program, that the first serious and unbiased data began to be collected.Previous scientific studies were based on the assumption that women and their needs were basic, with the experiments aimed at finding a correct formula that could explain the dynamics of every woman. The Magnolia Program dispelled all such notions and irrefutably found that each woman’s psychology is unique. The female psyche comes in all colors, shapes and sizes, the combinations of which are sublimely infinite. The Program found that instead of trying to define this kaleidoscope of awesomeness, it is better to just step back and appreciate in awe and wonder.Inspired by the timeless Outdoor Living series, this perfectly balanced women’s freestyle board is stable, supportive, and poppy – yet forgiving and easy to ride at the same time. Featuring a maintenance-free base, reforestation certified wood core, and all-new Titanal inlays, the Magnolia has a classic true twin shape with the construction and ride-ability every girl will love.

Tech Highlights

NEW RFC Sustainable Select Core
Special Blend EVO Tech Fiberglass Configuration
NEW 4 x 20mm Inlayed Titanal Struts
XXX[truded] Base Level 5 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Topsheet
Level 5 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Base
PLT Topsheet Technology
360 Degree Steel Edges
4 x 2 Inserts
Titanal Base Inlay


• OBLIKA: Twin Tip
• TRDOTA: 5/10
• SREDICA: RFC Sustainable Select Core
• ZAKLJUČNI SLOJ: XXX[truded] Base Level 5 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Topsheet / PLT Topsheet Technology
• MASA: Level 5 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen Base
• FEATURES: 4 x 2 Inserts



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