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We took the best selling women’s binding in the Fix line, simplified the function, improved the flex and gave it a modern aesthetic to match the minimalist design that goes into the materials and quality of the binding. We’ve slightly softened up the highback and made the binding even lighter overall making this the best value women’s binding on the market today. Memory gel straps, highback rotation, cast aluminium buckles, first shot pure nylon with no filler material… The January is a premium binding at an affordable price.


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FLEX RATING: Highback: 4/10  |  Base Tray: 5/10 Overall Flex : 4/10
STRAPS: Stitched Ankle Strap | Injected toe strap
MOUNT: Compatible with 4 hole and 2 hole (The Channel) systems
IN THE BOX: Mounting hardware | Regrind wax scraper | Bindings (duh!)
WARRANTY: We back these bindings with an industry first lifetime warranty on the base tray and buckles.

FIX SAYS: „Make no mistake, this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is a high-end premium binding that uses efficient production processes which allows u to sell it at an affordable price-point.

First Shot Nylon | Aluminium Buckles | EVA Footbeds | Highback EVA | Stitched Ankle Strap | Injected Toe Strap

SM (37-43 EU; 4.5-8.5 UK; 6-10 US)

Paint Free Nylon

We love experimenting with different colours when we’re developing new product. Despite the numerous colours in our product line we’re proud to say that we’re committed to keeping our injection process paint free. It’s an eco-friendly process which also makes it impossible for your bindings to have its colour scratched off.  Believe it or not, nylon gets stronger with age if you let it breathe, so why seal that in with paint?


For the first time ever, every binding in the Fix line-up comes with highback rotation so you can dial in your set-up for the perfect fit, flex and feel.


Your mounting hardware will stay extra tight with our unique DETHGRIP Hardware designed to be maintenance free so you can ride more days before you ever need to think about tightening your hardware.


Our bindings are compatible with every single snowboard mounting system on the market today including The Channel system.  No need for after market discs or har

100% Regrind Free

Our binding box is made from waste from our manufacturing process. This excess plastic (called Regrind) is typically chewed up and injected back into bindings. The problem with this process is that it’s impossible to monitor how much Regrind goes back into your bindings which can make them full of air bubbles like Swiss Cheese. Creating a reusable transportation box for our bindings is not only an environmentally friendly solution but also great for the durability of our bindings.


Our mounting discs are compatible with both the 4×4 mounting system as well as the 2 hole slider style mounting system.  Every pair of bindings comes with the discs as well as 2 sets of hardware so you can mount to any board on the market today.


Since we control our own production, we design and manufacture every component from scratch, right down to the springs and rivets.  We’re so confident in the quality and durability that we back our buckles with an industry first, lifetime warranty.  Our base trays also have a lifetime warranty against breakage.


Our injected straps found on the Magnum and Opus bindings are not only extremely lightweight, but they also eliminate pressure points. Combine this with the lightweight nylon chassis and extruded aluminum heel cup and cast aluminum buckle levers and you have one of the lightest weight bindings on the market today.

The tech from our flagship bindings trickles down to the other products in the Fix line making for excellent quality, durability and value.



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