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Custom Pro
Surfwave Quad

The Custom will blow you away with speed, while Half Moon and Squash tails allow for unparalleled turns packed with torque.

A stance just 6″ from the tail allows you to rule all that power. Over the years we have seen everybody getting more and more into bigger board sizes. This new line is our response to the very demand we have pioneered. Fresh tail shapes evolve through the line, starting with smaller Half Moon tails, growing in width into the middle of the range and turning into Squash tails for the two big shapes.

Standing as close to the tail creates a geometry that allows you to ride the Custom like a surfboard. Shorter outlines and straighter stance rails define the dynamic of these sticks. Concaves run throughout the bottom in geometries allowing you to accelerate toward the pocket with no resistance. The Custom matches best with the Banzai Powerwave, Fringe Surfwave and Guru Controlwave.

Available in 68, 74, 80, 86, 96, 106, 116 liters.

Available in neon yellow.