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ION Onyx Amp Semidry Zipless 3/2


. L-Tex_Protection

. Seam_Reinforcements

. Seal_Tite

. Contour_Cut

. Drain_Holes

. Key_Loop


optimum flex ninja_spine new!, ninja_knee and single_ seam in the leg enhances freedom

warm thanks to hot_stuff lining and seal_tite feature at collar, arms and legs

maki_tape improved stretch and sealing

easy of entry repositioned zipper for less fuss



A modern twist on the timeless classic, the ONYX AMP takes on a mélange of contrasting colours. The combination of our renowned Hot_Stuff lining and new Ninja_Spine makes this suit the perfect blend of quality, comfort and protection. With improved positioning of the chest zip and additional tape sealing on the inside, this is a suit with so much swagger, it’s up to you to do the performing.


Hotshot riders looking to showcase their skills in style.


Maki_Tape NEW!

Replacing the S_SEAL at AMP level: 100% Neoprene tape on the inside offers remarkable stretch across the entire suit!
The soft surface won’t irritate your skin and provides additional sealing against water. In order to make the suit last longer, stitching is placed visibly on the out- side areas of the legs and torso where forces are high when kneeling or carrying material. The GBS seam across the shoulders and arms, is cleverly concealed and invisible from the outside for a clean finish.

Ninja_Spine NEW!

By mimicking the concept of the Ninja_Knees, we deliver the same freedom of movement to places we think it’s necessary. By incorporating a small striped insert between the back and the buttock panels, more flexibility is provided for rotation and stretch.


What’s the one thing prospective wetsuit customers do at the shop? Yep, you guessed it! They pull on the wetsuit’s arms. Here at ION we think the legs deserve the same attention, so the new Ninja_Knees feature uses the same highly elastic materials as used in the arm panels. The result is astonishing with awesome freedom of movement, especially when bending the knees.especially when bending the knees.



A performance orientated zipless construction for slick style, light weight and sublime stretch.



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