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Technical features

– MFlex Neoprene
– Front Zipper
– 100% GBS Seams
– Critical Taping Inside
– Boujmaa Guiloul Signature Suit


  • M-Flex (Tri Span) 100% – The most flexible neoprene in Mystic’s range. M-flex gives maximum flex and durability
  • Teddyprene Plush – Fleece lining for increased warmth and comfort 
  • Double Front Zip entry – Positioned on the front of the suit, this construction provides a clean neck seal and easy entry
  • Debossed Non Slip Cuffs – A silicon print located inside the cuff, to keep your cuffs in position and prevent ate from coming in.
  • Glideskin neck – The reduced thickness of the neck construction makes it easier for the neoprene to follow the curves of the neck with less pressure. The neoprene feels like a second skin, while the glideskin inner lining enables an excellent water closure.
  • PK coated zip – A strong waterproof zipper, with an extra waterproof coating.
  • Glued and blind stitched seams – The stitching only goes through half of the neoprene to produce a completely water proof and smooth seam.
  • Critical taping – A neoprene taping is positioned on the critical seams of the suit.
The 2016 Mystic Blackshot wetsuit comes complete with FREE Mcnett wetsuit shampoo
The Mystic wetsuits are made with Feather Lite M-Flex Neoprene. This revolutionary material makes our wetsuits lighter then ever! Feather lite neoprene has larger air cells in the neoprene which equals less density in the suits. Less density and the same volume is ultimately lighter which gives you a better riding feel.
A warm wetsuit is simply… important. You can ride longer, happier and into the winter months. We have introduced Teddyprene to the inside of our wetsuits. Teddyprene is a fleece layer specially designed for use in water. This material is an isolation layer between the skin and neoprene, which keeps the body warm at any time during your session.


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