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You’ll enjoy longer sessions with less restriction and more energy thanks to the freedom of movement Ride Engine’s SmartStretch limestone-based neoprene and strategic stitching layout provides.


  • Light, comfortable, flexible suit, superior fit and less restriction
  • Great option for a range of water and weather conditions
  • Easy entry/exit, seamless chest panel with back-zip design
  • Feel good, perform great with SmartStretch limestone neoprene
  • Don’t be held back; express yourself fully with increased range of motion thanks to strategic stitching layout.
  • Our suits match your values: No petroleum, no toxic hydrophobic coatings, no regrets

The Silo series: For users who prefer a seamless chest plate and the convenience and ease of entry of a back-zip suit, look no farther than the Silo series. Offered in 4/3 and 3/2 thicknesses, these wetsuits employ the same high-end construction and technical features as the front-zip Apoc series, but with the zipper located in the traditional back zip position.

Thicker at the core where heat retention is critical and tapered where flexibility matters most, the Silo 4/3 and 3/2 will keep you warm and comfortable on the water so you can focus on what really matters: having fun. The 4/3 Silo features an interior Poly Fleece lining on the chest and side panels while the 3/2 version does not.



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